Huion H1060P graphic tablet

Huion H1060P graphic tablet don’t works in my openSuse. Digimend seems having Linux drivers for this tablet here: but it’s not clear to me how to install in openSuse.
I would prefer to find a version already packaged for openSuse, is there any?

Try Tumbleweed. It has a much newer kernel.

Thanks for answer.
This means I had to reinstall operating system and all software I use?
Not the right moment, because of coronavirus I need my pc to work everyday and reinstalling all just to see is not feasible.

opened bug

Thank you for all the help.
Finally was able to complete all the steps. The issue is the same. My tablet is working, but I can not configure it because it is not recognized under wacom settings.
If I read correctly all those steps were to be able to have the tablet working, which it was in the first place.

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