Http server

I’m trying to set a PHP script on my http server. The Script is “Gen2”. I Follow All the instruction of the script and set up in the server but when i open it on the web browser this error happen.

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I try others script and works correctly

I don’t Think is a script error because it was tested in a web server.

*** I dont write the script I download from the internet

here is the script gen2.rar

Your thread seemed to be there two times, I deleted the other one.

When you want to show the script, the please show it here, I am not going to download something from a, to me, unknown source. When it is to big, at least show the first 10 lines or so (between CODE tags).

that page has a link to their support, what did they say…i ask
because i do not think you have an openSUSE problem, but rather a
script problem, but i could be wrong…

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