HTTP Port not open?

Development Workstation: Hyper-V on Windows 10 Pro

I have two VM’s 1) Rocky 8, 2nd) Leap 15.3, can connect to Rocky Http, but not Leap. I open both Http(s) and no success, what else do I need to check? I’m running OPNsense of a standalone system and both Rocky and Leap show up on the DHCPv4: Leases. In addition to the network, I have all Hyper-V VM’s on VLAN 1077 using a Netgear ProSAFE GS108PE. I can connect to Rocky via ssh using Windows PowerShell, not Leap.

You say “I open both Http(s) and no success,”, but you do not tell at all what you did. How can we ever help you to point you to an error/misunderstanding or whatever when you only expect us to be clairvoyant?

In general.
You must have a program (deamon) running that listens on the port (in this case most probably a web-server like Apache) and you must not block traffic to it with a firewall.

Both ports HTTP / HTTPS have been open, but still not able to connect outside of Leap. Apache is running. On Leap, I can display the web content as normal.

As hcvv said, you have not told us what you actually did to open the ports? Have you tried to stop the firewall temporarily?

Does this mean that you can use a web browser on Leap to view pages served by the locally running Apache server using an IP address or localhost eg http://localhost/index.html

I am also not quite sure what network configuration is. You say you are using VLAN 1077. I presume that this is an isolated Virtual Lan that is NATed to you physical Lan. A bit more detail would possibly help.

Again, that is what you say. But you do not give any evidence why you are so convinced about that.
Something like

netstat -tulp | grep http

would give real information.

To put it bluntly: we do not believe what people tell, we believe what the computer says.

Hmmm, don’t have a solution yet as to why this morning I can get Leap. I’m going to have to get back with you on this, I put this aside to work on other OS projects and now I’m connecting to Leap as expected. I will spend up another Leap / Rocky VM to see if the results are the same.

P.S. My Linux IT skills is not as good as yours yet, but it will as I keep reading, your help and applying… :wink: