HTML editors for Linux

Hello. I’ve recently made the jump from windows to linux and have a question about HTML editors for linux. On Windows, I used HomeSite and have used it for years. It seems to me that there is a “shortage” of HTML editors for Linux. So my question is what would a comparable program to HomeSite be that will run on linux. Now, this may also just be since I am so familiar with HomeSite that I’m back to a learning curve. I’ve tried BlueFish, NVU, Amaya and Quanta but they are not HomeSite. Or maybe I should just install wine and run homesite. Oh well. Thanks,

Scott >:)

Ok, I’ll bite :wink:
Clearly you do not want an HTML editor, since there are many, many very capable text editors for Linux, that support HTML and other markup languages.

So, what features of this homesite thing (I’ve never heard of it) are you looking for? Perhaps then we could offer some suggestions.

HomeSite=something like Dreamweaver? It’s made by Adobe.

If you have tried all you mention. It may be you will only be happy with what you know. So yes, try wine or use virtual box to riun xp and install there (if you have a copy of xp)

No shortage there are 3 reviewed here and 7 here with links to others at the bottom of the page. Also you may well be able to run homesite with wine as Dreamweaver 8 runs really well in wine


I extensively use Quanta Plus for my everyday work and what i can say is it is a perfect open source alternative for Dreamweaver.

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