HPLIP 3.18.12 - Scan Printer HP M125a not working

How are you?

I am trying to do works the scanner from Printer HP M125a. To print something its works fine but scan: nothing. I did install by hand
from site:


Download the last drive and install it
After, I did download from hp-plugin

For test I did install in other 2 flavors: Ubuntu Mate, Debian 9 and the same results not works!
Can this HPLIP version not working fine?

Thanks all attention and Help


  1. You can install hplip from the repos
  2. Do not mix your install with packages/blobs for other distros
  3. Try YaST - Hardware - Scanner and accept the hpaio driver, it should work afterwards.

I will to try install again from clean Opensuse installation.
If all works I tell you!

Thanks so much