HP TX2z N-Trig set up


I have recently installed 64 bit Suse 11.2 (KDE) on my HP TX2-1370. I want to get the touch functionality that I would have if I were running Windows.

I started working on this tutorial: SDB:Howto install OpenSuSE on HP tx2-xxxx laptops - openSUSE. I started with the wireless driver for the BCM4322 chip set. I was unable to use the suggested fix in this tutorial and found another in the networking forum. Being that the touchscreen fixes are for Suse 11.1 I wanted to ask before I started working on them.

I am very new to Suse; so I am not sure what information to post. My laptop was shipped with Windows 7 and I know that the Windows 7 N-Trig firmware is causing issues for some of the Linux fixes (or at least the Ubuntu fixes for sure).

So my question is: does anyone know of a fix for the touchscreen issues, an 11.2 walk through, or will the 11.1 walk through suffice?