HP Pavilion ZD8000 Laptop Graphic Card

I have an HP Pavilion ZD8000 Laptop with a burned out graphic card (ATI X600) and because it is a part of the motherboard, repair costs around $600. The defective laptop would start up but only in the base video display, which is awful and renders the laptop useless. That was until I loaded Opensuse 10.3 on it. After I did, I had it up and running with the original display. Opensuse is able to revive the graphic card, but not the 3D accelerator portion of it, which is the defective part. I am not a gamer and can work fine without the 3D portion of the chip.

Here is my problem, when I try to update Opensuse to 11.0; I am left with a black screen after loading. Is there any way I can find and use the Opensuse 10.3 ability in Opensuse 11.0 to turn on the graphic card without the 3D portion? The graphic card failure on this model computer was high and left a lot of folks with the same concern as I. This fix would help many.