HP Mini 5101 Crashing

Hi all,

First of all please excuse me if this is posted in the wrong place or anything like that.

Let me describe my problem. Having just bought a near new Mini 5101 as a nice second machine that’s almost as portable as the tablet it’s replacing I immediately installed OpenSUSE on it. I had to boot OpenSUSE 11.3 from USB, install that and do an upgrade to 11.4, a very smooth process indeed.

However I am finding that the netbook has a tendency to crash from time to time. I do not think that it is heat related, I of course could be wrong, but thanks to my new cooling pad it’s ice to the touch. It seems to happen under the below circumstances :-

-When streaming MP4 video streams using Totem
-When downloading at a very fast rate.

I believe that it could be something to do with the WLAN card using too much resources when running at great speed. The WLAN adaptor is a Broadcom BCM43224. I am using the driver supplied by the Packman repo.

Any help/insight/experience/log files to look at will all be greatly appreciated. Thank you all,


Try doing this:
Clear Temp Files at Boot

-When streaming MP4 video streams using Totem
(I have a feeling this actually makes a physical copy of the file in /tmp)

.xsession-errors might be worth a look, it’s a hidden file in your /home/username*