HP 2575 Printer/scanner

I have a little home network with a mixture of SUSE 10.1 and 10.2. All printing is done through my computer (10.1) via CUPS and my computer can scan documents. i update regularily with smart but since the last update, I have lost both the print and scanning functions. I have checked the cables and the USB ports, which are fine and the printer works on a seperate Windows 2000 computer so i think it works fine. CUPS give the message ’ Printer not connected’ I have deleted the printer on Yast and tried to reinstall but it does not detect the printer although it is connected - and I am sure that on other occasions YAST has automatically detected this printer. It seems to me that CUPS and the printer are working fine but he USB bus is somehow not connecting them . How can I investigate this further? Its very annoying to go from having everything working fine to having sod all. Should I perhaps take the opportunity to upgrade to SUSE 11?