HP 250 G2 Notebook Fn +Function Keys not working

I purchased a new HP 250 G2 Notebook with Windows 8.1 and OpenSuse 13.1 Xfce (dual boot) installed. I did a backup of Windows 8.1 so I can re-install it. I have no use for Windows and needed more space for linux.

I wiped the hard disk and did a fresh install of OS 13.1, DOS partition table, Grub, Xfce.

All works fine except I can’t get the Function Keys to work as previously. Such as Fn + F5 to change screen brightness, Fn + F6 to mute sound, Fn + F12 to switch off Wireless, etc.

Does anyone know how to get these keys to work again? Hopefully without the Windows stuff.

Just a guess. Try loading the ‘hp-wmi’ module’. (I don’t know which models are or supported or not.) Become root with

su -

then do

modprobe hp-wmi

Are the hot-keys active after that?

No change. Will re-install the OS from a different media.

Reinstalled OS 13.1 with EFI and Grub2. Works now. Problem seems to be that OS 3.1 only works the Fn Function keys on this particular laptops if OS 13.1 is installed using EFI and Grub2.

I can’t verify. this laptop is now in 24/7 service.

That’s a shame. It might have been useful to at least see

cat /proc/cmdline