Howto setup eyefinity 6 ?

I used three nvidia 215/210 gcards to power my 6 monitors. but the performance is so bad with os12.1, gnome not working, no 3d and on , that I bought a radeon 6930 with 4dp and 2dvi ports.

using the radeon driver you cannot freely configure your monitors, no, you have to apply an order:

dp0 dp1 dvi0
dp2 dp2 dv1

this matrix works, but far from good

if you make a configuration like
dv0 dp1 dp0
dv1 dp3 dp2

and try to arrange the multimonitor connection according to these positions, the driver will crash.

The performance with the working matrix, is extremly bad.
if you move a window over four monitors, the driver will crash.

All feels extremly slow.
The graphics don’t display correctly.

So I wanted to use fglrx.
and added the geeka repository
The result was that the system was even slower, totally sluggish and I could only activate 2 monitors in ati radeon config tool after configuring all 6 monitors.

Are there any tricks with eyefinity I have to follow, to get fgrlx work correctly?

I cannot get fglrx running :confused:

So I decided to check for updated packages of radeonhd. I did not find any newer package, so far.

So I tried OS12.2 KDE and there were less artifacts, but more crashes if firefox was moved between monitors.

So I checked for latest Ubuntu 12.4 and it generally totally sucked - like os12.1 gnome.

Now I am trying Kubuntu 12.04 and so far no crash for the last hour and no artifacts.
There aren’t any gnome apps in Kubuntu live, so lets see how it is, when it’s installed including pidgin and Firefox.

So my conclusion for now:

Forget OpenSuse, forget any Gnome Distribution, forget fglrx.

If you have an ATI card and a multimonitor Setup, use Kubuntu.

I use eyefinity 6 6930 Card with 2x3 monitors and with the Kubuntu 12.04 release everything runs smooth so far.

spanning DVD video over 6 Monitors,
desktop effects,

only G-bases apps do not look that pretty yet.

Anyway, yes I reported this bug

Yesterday my Radeon HD6930 eyefintiy 6 died. which was well working lately with any KDE distribution.

as I cannot wait three weeks for warranty repairs, I got me a Radeon HD7870 and this one pretty much sucks with any distribution at the moment, opensuse 13.1 beta , kubuntu 13.10 beta including.

PMO ! I thought the HD7 would be completely supported.

You have to enable glamor … the radeon DDX included in the openSUSE beta most likely doesn’t enable it by default (such change to the DDX was just commited very recently) … most other distros don’t even have the (3D/GL) radeonsi driver included yet; openSUSE now offers it.

Without enabling glamor you will have shadowfb based 2D and will be using a software rendering based GL driver (even if you have radeonsi)