Howto: Restore panel and system tray?

Opensuse 11.1, KDE desktop: I did something (click or keypress) by accident which resulted in a small menu popping up on the screen. I was in a hurry and did not bother to read and understand the question - I clicked on one of the options and suddenly the small panel at the bottom of the screen (which also contained the system tray) was gone…I tried to restore it but no matter what I tried could not find a way to bring it back.

I realise that it was my stupid behaviour that caused the problem but would appreciate any advice on how to restore the system to “normal”. >:(

Which kde version? In KDE4, the panel is actually a widget which you can add back, same for the systray

Yes it is KDE 4.
I succeeded in getting back a system tray - but it is squashed into the top left hand corner of the screen. Some process seems to run continuously - the 3 icons in the tray ‘flicker’ and 99% of the time the system does not react to mouse events. I tried to move the tray to another position but cannot get it to move. Alt-Ctr-Del brings up a screen but it wont react to mouse clicks. The only way I could get the system to shut down was via the power switch. Maybe I should just wait for 11.2 and do a complete new installation…

when you add back the panel, you should click on it and then add the systray widget from the widgets

My panel is gone, how do I get it back

KDE Userbase website, plasma FAQ :wink: It’s an interesting read.