Howto customize an application task bar (when running) icon.

Using openSUSE 11.0 and KDE4 (latest updates)
I’m trying to work out how to customize the icon used by an application when it is displayed in the task bar.
Specifically, I start Dolphin in two ways:

  1. Applications>>System>>File Manager>>File Manager
  2. Applications>>System>>File Manager>>File Manager - Super User Mode/KDE4

In both cases the same icon is used in the task manager. The text is different, ‘<2>’ is appended to one description, but this isn’t helpful.

I’d appreciate if and how one can set the icon to be used in the task bar. Note I’m not refering here to the icon used in the ‘quick-launch’ panel area.

Thanks in advance

What happens if you change the icon via the Menu Editor?

Changing via the menu editor works. However the menu editor is a KDE3 app. I yet haven’t found a KDE4 counterpart to this menu editor.

Sorry, should have said this explicitly.

I’m slightly confused now. If it works. What do you mean that the Menu Editor is a kde3 app.

You said you were running 11.0 - so I can’t check exactly. And you say you have all the latest updates. Is this 4.0.4 as I think was released with 11.0? Because I’m running 4.2.1 and the Menu Editor is:

Version 0.8
Using KDE 4.2.1 (KDE 4.2.1) “release 106”

I can tell you I was running the Build Service kde4 when I did have 11.0 installed and even the 4.2 beta, and it worked well, so much better than 4.0

Sorry - I muddled up two threads - not enough sleep.

I’ll try your suggestion tomorrom. At the moment I’m waiting for a zypper dup to finish.
It seems this is a more reliable way of ensuring you have the correct packages installed…