HOWTO - Backlit USB keyboard 062a:0201

I bought a cheap USB keyboard because it has a backlight, but it wouldn’t work under Linux.

Here is the solution, thanks to paulnux and yleetiny from th****e French Ubuntu forums.

The original post contained a slight error, but was easily fixed.

Simply create a file in /usr/bin/ (or even in ~/bin/ I expect) that toggles a keycode -

cd /usr/bin && sudo touch keyb_switch_light && sudo chmod +x keyb_switch_light && sudo vi keyb_switch_light

Insert this lot -

if -f /tmp/keyboard_light ]; then
xset -led 3 && rm /tmp/keyboard_light
xset led 3 && touch /tmp/keyboard_light

You can then assign that script to a key :smiley:

Run it 3 or 4 times to start with, that way it creates the tmp file it requires for toggling, after that it will function as a normal “toggle”.

The full description of the keyboard is -

062a:0201 Creative Labs Defender Office Keyboard (K7310) S Zodiak KM-9010

The original article is here -

Forum / Clavier rétro éclairé

Good luck ;).

Hi. I have the same problem… the keyboard baclight does not work. In my case the keyboard is a mb 24 cooler master gaming keyboard. I just started using linux (opensuse) so I have no idea of what i am doing. Do I have to save the sudo file ?

Actually when I select this option in keyboard settings… the lights turn on. I know it has something to do with the scroll lock button.

Keyboadr Sttings → Advanced → Configure Keyboard Options → Use keyboard led to show alternate layout >> Scroll lock.

Actually for my keyboard the scroll lock is supposed to turn the keyboard lights on and off.