HowDoI get my wifi to auto start?

Here is what I have to do when I boot up… a terminal as root.
2. # modprobe ath_pci
3. # /sbin/ifconfig
4. # NetworkManager

Then close the console…

go to network manager on the panel and connect to my router.

Is there a way to not have to do all this?

Why don’t you post this in the wireless subforum?

I don’t know why I don’t do that. I thought it was because I’m using 64bit processor and I spent several hours getting this to work while if I was using a 32bit processor, then I was supposin it would have only taken 2 to 3 minutes to get working even properly. But I suppose I can cut and paste into a wireless sub someplace.

Go into Yast > Network Devices > Network Settings
select your card > edit
look on every tab & every blank and enter your wireless extensions, i.e., one will be the selection of “ath_pci” another will be “at boot”

should work;)