how you install this thing

I am trying to install it from a cd but it keeps on wanting to download a matching boot image and restart.

You need to explain a bit more. Is the full version or the network version of the installer?

We can’t see over your shoulder so give as much detail as possible

I am using the network images for i586. Before I had 20180808. But I have just tried again with 20180812.

This time it said there was an error but after that I got to where it said, initializing. But I seem to be stuck there because it still hasnt done it.

I suspect that it is a network issue if you us the net Install. Try a full install image

OK, but is there a way to check? It found my card and seemed to like the infos I gave it to connect to the network.

It appears that there is a problem connecting to the network with wpa/wpa2 but I dont know why.

So do the full install not the net. 586 says to me old hardware so you may have to fuss a bit with things and may need a binary/propritary driver for your hardware. This can be dealt with once installed. Hard to do before. Remember openSUSE is open source only (note the name) you have to provide the proprietary stuff yourself