How to??

Im using 11.0 right now and i wanted to update to 11.1 without having to format the computer.
Is there a way?


Install 11.1 and do not format /home is an option. But you WILL need to re-install all your applications particularly 3rd party ones - some of which might not be packaged to 11.1 yet.

Check info here too:
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The DVD normally has an update option but not the CDs.

So if i download the 11.1 DVD and boot from it, select the update button, will my appications, etc gonna be deleted ?

Will my things be deleted ?

Update means exactly what it says. It will update your system, not reformat it. Your apps are updated and your configuration is retained. There is usually an option to remove unsupported applications (haven’t looked at the 11.1 GM install disc so can’t recall where the option can be found). If you come across the option while upgrading, make sure it’s not checked, unless you want it to remove applications that you manually installed.

Using the DVD to upgrade, if you have installed your own apps and multimedia, etc., will probably require you to enter the software installation section and manually resolve dependencies. It may also result in those packages being marked “taboo” or “protected”; you can after upgrade easily see these in YaST and update as desired from the added repository (e.g., Packman), etc.

You can also do an in-place upgrade. If you add the new repositories, including the 3rd-party and proprietary ones, then in YaST Software Management filter on Package Groups, choose All Packages, right-click in the list and choose All in this List/Update if newer version available, YaST will do the equivalent of what the installer/upgrade DVD does in the software section. What you will not get with this method is some of the reconfiguration that may be done using the DVD - which may or may not be desirable, it just depends on one’s system (and expertise). I don’t recommend this for relatively new users, but if you know your way around under the hood a bit, and don’t want to do a clean install of root, it is a viable option.

I’m with mingus on this.

I just re-install myself. Though I’m perfectly able to ‘update’.