How to watch an mp4?

Description: openSUSE 13.1 (Bottle) (i586)
Release: 13.1

I’m trying to watch an mp4, should I do to use programs like the dragon player ekaffeine?
Already have them installed but are not running mp4 files

Thanks in advance

OpenSUSE is only open source software. If you need proprietary formats (MP4 is proprietary) you need to get them other places. In this can you get them form the packman repository.
Read the sticky threads in the multimedia section

Sorry, but this is hard to understand.
A long time ago that the packman repository is enabled on my PC
Thus. I do not know what is happening
What else should I do?

I examined more carefully to my list of repositories and saw he was wearing the repositotrio packman 42.1
I do not know because it was so.
I exclude 42.1 and added the packman and now it’s all working.

Thanks for the valuable assistance