how to use wine to use matlab

matlab installed in windows;
is it possible to launch it through wine in suse?
I dont know much about wine:)

Perhaps you could install the linux version of matlab?

problem is there’s a matlab installed in windows; it should be fine to use it in suse if possible through wine.

If you mean to launch matlab that is ALREADY INSTALLED ON WINDOWS using some kind of shortcut or link via WINE on SUSE it is impossible for several reasons:
-WINE uses its own registry to store application settings
-MATLAB uses matlab server service started on windows to start matlab itself. Without that service, you can have problems starting matlab.

Either use Matlab linux native version (they have 64-bit support if I remember), or install matlab for windows on your linux box with wine. First method if of course highly recommended.

checkout this is quite easy!
Kerry D. Wong » Blog Archive » MATLAB 7 under WINE

I posted a thread very few time ago about matlab for linux. If you are rich and have the official version that is ok with 64 bit, otherwise, the student version is only available for 32 bit. You can however install and run it in 64 bit.

In principle it should be possible to run the windows version in wine (although I tried before only the virtualization in Vbox). Keep in mind that an academic version is quite affordable, so if you are eligible you should choose this option.

Even if you try to use wine to run the windows version, it may be that you run in the same problems as me recently trying Eviews 6. “you are not allowed to run Eviews in a virtual server”. Have a try, install java for windows with wine and then matlab for windows in wine. Maybe it works, but the overhead will be tough.
An alternative for it is either Oktave or Scilab.

LOL and this was funny because the original thread is from 2009 one year ago. So useless. Sorry did not watch out.