How to use data cartridge and tape drive.

Hi I am Rupesh from India and I have large amount of data in internal hard disk of my PC and I want to backup to removable storage like tape cartridge or external hard disk.

I want to move up to 700 GB of data from internal hard disk of my PC to tape drive or external hard disk and so I am searching for cheapest method.

So I want secondary storage of size 2 tb and I have examined storage such as external hard disk such as segate expansion, data cartridge such as “HP LTO 6 Ultrium 2.5/6.25 TB MP RW Data Cartridge (C7976A)”, blue ray DVDs etc.,.

Upon examining the above storage technologies I came to decision that data cartridge is the cheap and best.

As I am from India I have searched for data cartridge in and found that it costs 2900 rupees for
“HP LTO 6 Ultrium 2.5/6.25 TB MP RW Data Cartridge (C7976A)”. For segate expansion disk the cost is 6400 Indian currency.

Up to now I have used a variety of storages such as sata,ide hard disks and segate expansion disk of size 1 tb, micro SD card, 3.5 inch floppy disk, compact disk ie., CDs, DVDs, USB pen drive etc. I have never used data cartridge before and even I have not seen it.

Now the issue is how to attach data cartridge to a PC and transfer files between PC and the data cartridge. What I am expecting is does the data cartridge itself can be connected directly to a PC through USB or it must be inserted in a drive and then connect the drive to a PC.

Data cartridge costs up to 3000 rupees Indian currency but can anyone of you guess how much tape drive costs and specify it. Also if you don’t mind can you suggest where I can buy tape drive in India.

A cartridge is just the media (ie the tape) you need a matching tape drive to attach to the system. Note tape is a sequential read/write media so you cannot quickly find a random file on it you must scan from beginning to end. Disks and SSD’s are random access and can thus immediately go to any section to retrieve a file.

I have selected data cartridge because it’s cost is very less.

I know that drive for data cartridge costs thousands of dollars for corporate users. Do any manufacturer sell drive for data cartridge at the lowest cost I mean with in 200 dollars.

You might get a second hand something, but probably not for that… I have a tape drive on my Sunblade150, it’s 20GB, 40GB compressed…my drive is 36GB so don’t need anything bigger, you would also need a card to drive a tape drive as it will be scsi for sure in your price range as old technology.

Get yourself a USB<–>SATA adaptor, power pack and a 3.5" drive and use that… else look at a NAS I have one here with two 3.5" 1TB drives the NAS itself was less than US$80

I have bought used drives for $20 to $100, but these were older types that only do 200 GB or so. You won’t find a used LTO6 for $200. On top of that, you would need an adapter
(probably SAS for LTO6) and cable, so costs add up.