how to use adobe connect on leap 15.1

Hi :slight_smile: , I need to use adobe connect on my leap 15.1, how can I solve?

You need to add more information

things like

What is not working ?
What have you done so far ?
What errors are you getting ?

and is this a Microsoft windows program or a Linux ( opensuse) one ?

manythanks johnvv :slight_smile:
the site is this:
I’have done nothing becouse I cannot understand how to use it in linux

             Meeting Applications for Adobe Connect                                               
                                                                                                      Adobe Connect meeting applications are  backwards compatible with earlier versions of Adobe Connect. Please note  that although there is currently no application for Linux, users on  Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat and OpenSUSE) can still attend, host, or present  in meetings in the browser.

no errors, I cannot understand what to do to use it

it looks like a Microsoft Windows firefox plugin

and not a linux program

you MIGHT??? get it to work using WINE

install wine ( using zypper)

install the MICROSOFT version of firefox in wine
( get it working , it might not run well )

then in wine install

i have not tried this myself so it is only a guess