How to upgrade to tumbleweed? The wiki is unlcear and contradictory

i want to check out tumbleweed on my notebook, i read in the wiki that i can install opensuse stable first (i chosed opensuse 13.2) and then do a distribution
upgrade after switching the repositories.
But the problem is that the instructions are not clear, the english wiki way is to remove the all the old repositories first and then only add oss, non-oss and debug but no update which is strange because the german wiki implies to add a tumbleweed update repo! but the german wiki article says nothing about removing or at least disabling the old repos.
So iam a but confused, and it gets worse by having so many different repositories to choose from, there are repos like this:

and repos like this:

what are the ones i need?

Tumbleweed is being reorganized.

From your description, it sounds as if the German wiki pages still are the old version. So go by the English wiki pages for now. Or wait a few days for it to straighten out.

Ok i see that it is best to wait a few days before is come back to tumbleweed but i did some tests though.
I added the repos from the english wiki (the same mentioned in the tumbleweed post in the beta forum), i removed the old repos before and then did a zypper dup

There are some things i did not expected:

  1. there are packages to be removed (why is that so)
  2. there are even packages that would be downgraded? why?

i thought switching to tumbleweed would result in never packages but not older?
It this because tumbleweed is going through reorganization in the moment?

Another question: when it is save to add the packman tumbleweed repo? I did this too and then again tried zypper dup
this time were a lot of normal packages to be switched to packman, i am a bit worried if this is correct.

Most of those are minor changes.

At one stage, “Dolphin” was removed but “dolphin” was added, so it was just a renaming. Sometimes a package is removed because it causes incompatibilities.

The “downgrade” is also often minor. A package might be listed as version 3.4.5, but it is really 3.4 with build number 5. The build numbers for the old tumbleweed were independent of those for factory. So a “downgrade” that just changes a build number isn’t really downgrading.

It will all settle down after a few days.