how to uninstall netbeans 6.1 on opensuse11

Hello guys,

I installed netbeans 6.1. like this:

i startet it in terminal with command (as root): sh ./

it installed netbeans and it works perfectly. But now I am wondering how can I uninstall it from system?

thx for answers…

PS. opensuse 11 is best distro I ever had installed… much better than windows :slight_smile:

Because you didn’t use the Package Manger to install you can’t use “Add/Remove Software”. Perhaps next time you install use the Software Search. Anyways, to uninstall Netbeans 6.1 see the instructions here: NetBeans IDE 6.1 Installation Instructions


To uninstall the IDE:

  1. Shut down the IDE.
  2. In the IDE installation directory, run the file.
  3. To uninstall GlassFish/Tomcat together with the IDE, at the Summary page make sure that the correct versions are listed and check the appropriate checkboxes.
  4. At the Summary page, click Uninstall.
  5. After uninstallation completes, click Finish.

For more details check the link In the beginning.