How to turn on compositing

Is there a way to turn on compositing without editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf? When I launch configure desktop > desktop, I am unable to activate desktop effects because everything is grayed out.

I tried the toggle compositing plasmoid but that didn’t turn on anything either, even though it said the configuration was changing.

openSUSE claims that 3d effects are turned on by default if the video card supports it but that wasn’t what happened with me. The only way I can get effects to work was to edit the line in xorg.conf, where I changed ‘compositing off’ to ‘compositing on’.

So, that’s it! If your video card doesn’t support the compositing you need to turn on in xorg.conf. What’s the problem?

Obviously my card supports compositing or I wouldn’t be able to turn it on!

My question is if there is another way to turn it on other than editing xorg.conf. This doesn’t seem like a very user friendly way to do it, especially for n00bs.

I think you card doesn’t support compositing by default. No, I don’t know any other way to switch on compositing if it isn’t enabled by default.
But you need to change the xorg.conf file just once. After you can enable the Compositing in Personal Settings - and it’ll stay enabled.