How to tether internet from Iphone 4

I recently installed Opensuse 12.1 and it works fine. I use LAN connection to access internet. But recently on a move to another place I am only left with my my phone 3G/GPRS internet access. I use Apple Iphone 4. The internet tethering works fine in Windows 7. But, Iphone tethering does not work in Opensuse. Now I am posting this from Windows (Which I rarely use) as I do not have any other option to access internet from the Suse installation.
Is there any way to tether internet via usb in OpenSuse?
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Yes it’s possible. Modifying this instruction to match your 3G/GPRS operator should get You going :

It’s also possible to tether via bluetooth AFAIK but only using GNOME nm-applet as plasmoid-networkmanagement doesn’t recognize the phone connected with bluetooth as a modem. (it might have been fixed though in KDE 4.8).

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I’m currently connected to my iPhone 4 via wireless, but I haven’t been able to connect via USB, (even though it appears as an ethernet device). I understood that iTunes needs to be present and running, and that was the reason this couldn’t yet be done, but I’m open to correction/clarification on this.

@glistwan: I don’t think that advice is relevant for iPhone 4 connectivity. That article is for Sierra wireless devices.

Yep but I though a modem is a modem :slight_smile: and AFAIK iPhone4 must be a modem as well or is it doing it differently ?

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I’'m not sure about USB but I was not able to tether to my iPhone wirelessly until I edited the connection to change the mode from “infrastructure” to “Ad-Hoc”. Now it’s a very handy way to keep going when the power goes out… as it does daily on this little island.

Thanks for the help. But that link did not help. It does not work for Iphone.

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Actually, I did not try wifi connection. Wifi tethering between Iphone and Suse works fine, with only one problem. I have to switch on the wifi button at start up else the connection does not work. Wifi scans the connection but fails to get connected unless the wifi switch was switched on at start up. USB tethering does not work. Please inform me if there is any working solution. Cheers!


BTW After tethering to iPhone for a while I got tired of the lousy battery life and the inconvenience of frequently having the iPhone tied up so I bought a “ZTE MF60 Global Mobile Hotspot”. Quite cheap and very useful. The local phone company’s engineering supervisor saw mine and liked the idea so much he bought one to simplify his work in the field. He loves it too. There are some others that’ll do 4G LTE speeds but they have offsetting drawbacks (IMHO) so I went with the MF60 based on the reviews I’d read. So far so good.

I’ve found that if I briefly turn the ‘Personal Hotspot’ off, then on again, my laptop will connect after a few seconds. (I think that USB tethering does depend on iTunes though, so not an option for Linux).