How to start the MicroOS installer through console/serial output?


I want to install MicroOS on a PC Engines APU2 . This board doesn’t have any graphical output, so I need to start the installer through console. I successfully installed some other linux distributions on this board in the past through a serial connection between the board and my computer with PuTTY. I can start the installer through USB, but as soon as I enter the command “linux” to start the installation the connection is lost. My assumption is that the installer doesn’t start with console output. On other linux distributions I can pass a console=ttyS0,115200 command at startup, but I couldn’t find any options on the MicroOS installer.

How can I start the installer through console output?

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If you can enter the command linux, cannot you enter linux console=ttyS0,115200?

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This worked! Thanks for the answer!

I tried the same before, but with a different syntax I found at the Leap installation guide, which did not work.