How to start in INIT5 after instalation with INIT3

Hi all

In instalation process, I’ve choose init with level 3, but, when I try to run startx with a normal user I’ve a error message, running startx with root user it’s ok.

So, I would like to use startx or change xdm to kdm with INIT5.

How can I do any of 2 options?


When in runlevel 3
As su type

init 5

Tks conram;

But, how can I change the INIT to automatic run kdm on boot process?


This will return current target

systemctl get-default

Note: ‘’ is a symbolic link to ‘’ and ‘’ is a symbolic link to ‘’

Set as default with

systemctl set-default

You may need to edit /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager to make sure kdm starts automatically


Thanks deano_ferrari.

You can also use YaST->System->Services Manager (even in text mode) to set the default target/runlevel.