How to solve a File System Loop

I was finding a particular file whose location was known to me. So I used the console for searching the file. But it came out with an error saying “File system loop detected…

When I checked it in the location specified in the error message, the root files where replicated in the said location as well.

So I created a “Test File.txt” in root folder (/test file.txt). And then went to the other location where I could find the same file also. Needless to say, when I deleted it in one location it deleted it from the other location as well.

So the contents of /* where the same as /.snapshots/1/snapshot/*

Please help me as to how to solve this system loop and also inform me if this loop might create problems if not solved.

Telling stories is a way to annotate the facts. But we need the facts. So: how did you search? Best is copy/past from your terminal window between CODE tags in a post. You get the CODE tags by clicking on the # button in the post editor. Please copy complete: prompt, command, output, next prompt. Only then we will see the same as you see and it will provide us with which user did what and from where and what the output was.

Telling stories you yourself as well instead of simply saying “please attach the exact input and output done by you”.


**linux-ouxy:~ # find / -name "name.jpg"**


**find: File system loop detected; ‘/.snapshots/1/snapshot’ is part of the same file system loop as ‘/’.**

Without any next “linux-ouxy:” prompt.

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sounds like you are using btrfs this should be expected nothing wrong there

Have a look at the mlocate package. It holds the ‘locate’ command, run ‘updatedb’ once as root and it’s much faster (and smarter) than find.