How to skip mounting hibernated NTFS partition automatically.

I have openSUSE 42.1 & Win10 dual system on my computer. WinD partition is automatically mounted in /etc/fstab. Sometimes I would forget that I’ve hibernated Win10 and boot into openSUSE, which lets openSUSE to go to “emergency mode”, being unable to do anying.

So how can I let openSUSE automatically stop trying to mount these hibernated NTFS partitions when failed and then boot normally (like ubuntu does), instead of requiring me to reboot to Win10 then reboot again?

You can add “noauto” to the mount options to not mount it at all during boot, or use “nofail” to continue booting if it cannot be mounted.

Another option would probably be to use the “remove_hiberfile” mount option.
From “man ntfs-3g”:

              Unlike  in  case  of  read-only  mount,  the read-write mount is
              denied if the NTFS volume is hibernated.  One  needs  either  to
              resume  Windows  and  shutdown  it  properly, or use this option
              which will remove the Windows  hibernation  file.  Please  note,
              this  means  that  the  saved Windows session will be completely
              lost. Use this option under your own responsibility.

Might be not what you want though.