How to setup a network bridge like a mactap?

How is possible to setup a bridge such that the guest is accessible in the network of the host, meanwhile the host is able to see the guest and vice versa?

@Misekayek0l Hi, so are you running a desktop environment on MicroOS? What virtualization are you running on this MicroOS host?

Is a baremetal homeserver, no destop, only command line

And what is wrong with traditional bridge device which does exactly what you need?

Firstly: Conventional Bridge Device*.
Secondly I have no idea of what I am doing, but what I want is to the Guest VM have their own IP in the network that the host is connected meanwhile having the ability of making network connections between the Host the Guest and the Guest and another guests.

Again - that is exactly what bridge device does.

Then I have not idea of how to configure one

So my question is: how to configure a network bridge?

@Misekayek0l with nmcli, or create text files as appropriate. See