How to set konsole's default font size

I can set the default for my profile just by going to “Edit current profile…” however I have scripts that launch konsole windows and in those cases the settings, including the font size, are reverting to a default that I don’t know how to change. These tiny fonts on my high res. screen are too small, does anyone know how to change konsole’s default font size?

Also the script sometimes launches a root user window which if it did pick up profile info it would probably get it from the root user instead mine so knowing where konsole stores it’s per user settings would be useful as well knowing how to change the over all defaults.

I do not think so. The window is on the user’s desktop. The root .profile, etc. is working on the shell process that runs “inside” the window, not on the window.

My understanding is that the default font size derives from KDE‘s System settings>Fonts - perhaps I am wrong?

It looks as if your script can use:

konsole --profile profile-name

to specify a profile to use. Maybe define a suitable profile for what you want, and modify your scripts to use it.

By the way, I ran

konsole --help

to get that information.

When you are opening a root window, it might depend on whether your environment still has $HOME set to your home directory or to “/root”.

You are not wrong. I just checked with a virgin user profile. Konsole by default is using the monospace font family and size specified as you wrote, in Plasma’s “System Settings” -> “Fonts” (which you can open directly with “kcmshell5 fonts”). When I open Konsole to the appearance tab, its size matches the system settings size in effect at the time Konsole is opened. The way I understand it, when changing the font size directly from within Konsole, it is on a per profile basis, Thus, I purposely don’t do it there, so that system settings retains control.

I did see those settings and it didn’t help but I know why. For reasons I won’t go into I need to use

sudo -i

before I run my script and that causes it to pull from the KDE environment of the root user. What I need to do is log into KDE as root, change the settings in the desktop and then it will behave as I want.

It would have been nice to know where KDE sets that font size (probably buried somewhere in ~/.config/ or ~/.kde4/ ) and then I could just edit a configuration file, most likely, but figuring that out is probably more trouble than it is worth when I can just log in as root and make the changes I want.

Thanks for the great response and help everyone!

Well, I was wrong. After testing it still had that tiny font size however there were two profiles called “root shell” (is that just my system or do you guys have two as well?) and it seems when playing with it I only increased the font size on one of them. As Murphy would have it not the one that it was defaulting to as root. When I did the same thing to the other the font finally changed so that’s the one to which root is defaulting.

This is the line that’s called in case anyone is interested

konsole --new-tab --noclose -e "./includes/ $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9" &

. I run a bunch of parallel processes by spawning off a bunch of konsole windows and I get a nice visual of their progress this way. I used to run them in the background without a window tab for each but the visual has it’s advantages. The spawned file is nothing more than

TX_FILE_FOR_BG_PROCESSES="logs/" # This we have to hard code since this is a spawned process and all variables have been lost.
if  -e "$TX_FILE_FOR_BG_PROCESSES" ]; then
. $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9

The suggestion to add “–profile <profile>” would have undoubtedly worked as well.

Again, thanks everyone.