How to set default window manager to LXQt for auto login?

I have installed the LXQt desktop environment pattern using YaST. I can login to that desktop and it is set as default on the login screen. But, when I enable Auto Login for the user in User and Group Management and reboot, the user is auto-logged in to Plasma 5.

I thought perhaps I could set the default window manager in the “/etc/sysconfig” Editor, but LXQt is not given as an option for “DEFAULT_WM”.

How can I make the system automatically log the user in to the LXQt desktop?

Thank you for any help.

Try startlxqt as the DEFAULT_WM.

Thank you for your response, Malcolm.

The only options given were:
Plasma 5

So I manually typed in “startlxqt” and rebooted. No luck. It still auto-logs in to Plasma 5. I then tried simply “lxqt”. That didn’t work either.

I even tried “openbox” since LXQt Session Settings said it was using that window manager…

It seems I may be stuck with KDE if I want to use auto-login.

I just solved it.

It previously escaped my notice that LXQt picks up KDE System Settings.

In Startup and Shutdown -> Login Screen, under the Advanced tab, Auto Login was enabled with Session set to “Plasma 5”. After setting Session to “LXQt Desktop”, it now auto-logs in to LXQt at boot.

It seems so simple now.

Thanks for posting th question AND the answer. That may help others.

It might look simple afterwards, but that is normaly not the case for those experiencing the same.