How to set AMD drives on tumbleweed?

Hi want update:

Warning: The fglrx driver does not work on Leap 42.2+ or Tumbleweed as it has been abandoned by AMD.

AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 15.12 Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver

                   Revision Number
           Crimson Edition 15.12
     File Size
           177 MB
     Release Date

Because much new GPU did not even have Linux drives?

Because much new GPU did not even have Linux drives?

Driver is in the kernel, if Hardware is too new, install an newer kernel from kernel:stable.

But what happed if i get black screen after boot on linux?
Can you explan why sometimes its need to reinstall,? did i need to set something on linux for get it works or not?

I think most of drivers on linux is poor for new hardware its not made for gaming or videoediting or some high usage.

So Radeon RX 6800 XT support everthing in linux? raytracing, vulcan, amd 3d, open GL 4.5

Intel and AMD/ATI linux driver are in the kernel.
Mostly no need to install another AMD/ATI driver.
And newer kernel has newer drivers…

Nvidia has its own prop. driver, the free driver in the kernel is nouveau and may work or not.

If you get a black diaplay after Installation, try to install with nomodeset option.

Kernel driver works well. However machine doesn’t suspend when running Leap or Tumbleweed. Suspend works well with Fedora 32 and Manjaro 20. Any idea?

**3400G:~ #** inxi -SMC 
**System:    Host:** 3400G **Kernel:** 5.9.11-1-default x86_64 **bits:** 64 **Console:** tty 1 **Distro:** openSUSE Tumbleweed 20201205  
**Machine:   Type:** Desktop **Mobo:** Gigabyte **model:** B450 AORUS ELITE **v:** x.x **serial:** N/A **UEFI:** American Megatrends **v:** F51  
           **date:** 12/18/2019  
**CPU:       Topology:** Quad Core **model:** AMD Ryzen 5 3400G with Radeon Vega Graphics **bits:** 64 **type:** MT MCP **L2 cache:** 2048 KiB  
           **Speed:** 1285 MHz **min/max:** 1400/3700 MHz **Core speeds (MHz):****1:** 1279 **2:** 1300 **3:** 1258 **4:** 1265 **5:** 1301 **6:** 1266 **7:** 1258  
           **8:** 1271  
**3400G:~ #**

  1. Try to update BIOS.

  2. Try to update “ucode-amd” from kernel:stable repo for Leap.

In my case OS is suspending Ok (sleep mode) with Ryzen 3200G + Leap 15.2 (and 15.1 + kernel 5.3).
I had troubles sometimes with sleep mode when using kernel from kernel:stable repo.

You are talking about ATI/AMD Radeon HD 6900 series or AMD Radeon RX 6900 series?

Anyway, you need open drivers for TW, i.e. from Linux kernel + Mesa 3D.

  • Upgraded Bios from F51 to F60c.
  • Installed ucode-amd-20200107-lp152.2.3.1

Same symptoms as before. More errors in dmesg. F60c is now deleted from download page. BIOS update deleted several bootloaders. Needed to reinstall deleted ones.:frowning:

I’m using ucode-amd + kernel-firmware from kernel:stable repo with Leap 15.2.