How to see DICOM images

I have some DICOM images from my doctor, how can I see them?

install aeskulap

I cannot find in repositories
in opensuse software and discover no result

opi aeskulap
Searching repos for: aeskulap
1. aeskulap
2. aeskulap-doc
3. aeskulap-debuginfo
4. aeskulap-debugsource
Pick a number (0 to quit): 1
You have selected package name: aeskulap
1. home:Sauerland !                          | 0.2.2~alt6                | x86_64
2. home:alois !                              | 0.2.2~alt6                | x86_64
3. home:anoncvs !                            | 0.2.2~alt6                | x86_64
Pick a number (0 to quit):


Only Community Repos

But working, I have installed it from my Repo and can look inside the directories and see the pictures.

My favorite: MicroDicom with wine.


I use XnView MP. It’s an image viewer, image resizer, batch image converter and more. It’s capable of lots of formats, including DICOM. I already viewed pictures from my Doc successfully. Unfortunately, it’s not Open Source Software, but it’s freeware, free to use for private or educational use. Available for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux (AppImage, FlatPak or TGZ).

When I used MS Windows back then, I used IrfanView as universal image viewer. But it’s available for Windows only. So, I got Xn View MP for Mac and Linux. Both are very mighty.

With aeskulap, you can open the directories of a picture set and scrollup down with one creento the set…

Its a littel more than a package to see pictures…

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A simple search via YaST seems to lead to photoqt. The website confirms dicom format is supported. I can’t test it, though.

Aliza MS is available from

or via Discover as flatpak

It’s build for KDE3

I tried but opening images nothing is visible and opening dircomdir gives me this error, also in copyed CD also in mounted CD iso image
No study or bad DICOMDIR

Which Program do you use to open dicomdir-files?

aeskulap from the repo you suggested me


That is working for me, except one of my records.
But I have copied the CD’s to my Hard disk.

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