how to resurrect the died desktop protocol process?

On my dell latitude e6510 with opensuse 13.1 and kde 4.11.5
Sometimes I found a red cross with this advice:
“The process for the desktop process died unexpectedly”
on my folder view widget dedicated to desktop.
Is there a way to resurrect the died desktop protocol process without re-log in or reboot?
manithanx, :slight_smile: ciao :slight_smile: pier

This happens when the desktop process doesn’t respond in time. Can happen during login as there’s lot of IO going on, I have that here as well sometimes.

To “fix” it, enter the folderview settings, change to “Only show files from the current activity” (or any of the other options), click on “Apply” and then change back to “Show Desktop folder” and click “OK”. The folderview widget should reload the contents of the Desktop folder then.

Or just copy a file to ~/Desktop (or whatever the Desktop folder’s name is on your system). The widget will recognize the change and reload the content as well.

None of theese works, I changed options and I copyed using dolphin from a folder to /home/user/scrivania, that is the desktop folder, and also from another folder view wieget to the folder view widget that shows desktop, (there was an error that I was sure to to have copied but wasn’t so, and I don’t remember) but the widget has the red cross yet.

Hm, that works for me everytime when that problem occurs (which is not often btw).

Does it help if you restart plasma-desktop?

kquitapp plasma-desktop ; plasma-desktop

yes, it works…, I’m surprised that to resume a process we have to relaunch the whole plasma…:):slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No, not really.
The plasmoid uses kio_desktop to read the contents of the desktop folder. In your case this didn’t work (probably) because of it didn’t finish in time.

So you have to make the plasmoid re-read the directory.

My other two suggestions didn’t work (they work here), so I suggested to restart the whole plasma-desktop. In that case the plasmois HAS to re-read the directory anyway of course.

I had that happen around 1/3 of the time with 4.11.2 (or whatever was installed originally with 13.1). It only ever happened shortly after login. So I just logged out and logged in again.

This was on an older Toshiba 32 bit system that I only use for testing. It used the radeon graphics driver. I’m not sure if that is relevant.

I have not seen this happen since running 4.11.4 or 4.11.5.

(I’m just providing information for comparison purposes).

thanks for sharing, yes for me too works logging out and logging in again, but I was looking for a solution without log out and log in o reboot…:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: