How to restore "closed" sticky notes (KDE plasma desktop)

Whenever you press the middle mouse button while having text in the clipboard, KDE puts a sticky note on your desktop’s background, containing that text snippet. With this, it emulates a “paste” of that text to the desktop.
By default, the new note is yellow and “expanded”, meaning the full text is visible (perhaps with a vertical scroll bar).

However, sometimes something happens (for example, you switch your monitor’s resolution to something smaller), the sticky note shrinks to a mere icon, just being a nice, but useless picture of a yellow pinned leaflet, instead of showing the text.

I’ve fiddled a while to get my text back to being “always visible”, that is to say re-open these “closed” sticky note - :\ - and with this posting, I wanted to ease life for those on a similar quest against their desktop…

When you right-click the note, you just get options like changing the color or (beware!) removing this note, but nothing about “Expand” or “Restore size” or even “Resize”. Why not?! >:(

As it is in no way obvious nor intuitive: you have to long-left-click the note!! What I intuitively would expect to move the note, brings up a new toolbar right of the note, and its topmost button is the one to resize the note. Just drag this button away from the note to make it larger – and all of a sudden, the note is large enough to switch back to fully visible.

Voilà, the text is back at being permanently visible.

Please, dear KDE programmer of “sticky notes” - be so kind to follow established UI experience to show really all options in the right-click menu.

It is counterintuitive and user unfriendly to hide any of an application’s contextual options from the context (right-click) menu!

By the way: the button below that resizer is a rotate button… Looks nice.

P.S.: that plasma widget “sticky note” discussed here is in no way related to the former “knotes” application sitting in the system tray.
P.P.S.: unfortunately, I’m not entitled to post attachments, so no nice screenshots possible here :sarcastic:

The KDE programmer of “sticky notes” will likely not read that here.

And actually that’s the general way how Plasma and its widgets work nowadays. You need to click and hold on a widget to put it in “Edit” mode where you can resize or delete it.
Or click on the toolbox icon in the top-left corner, then all desktop widgets will show their handle.

This can be switched back to the old behaviour of showing the handle when the mouse is moved over it in the toolbox’s “Configure Desktop”->Tweaks.