how to reset ROOT password on GNU 0.97


i have an Advantech device ARK-3360 model.
it is a part of a TETRA system as working Fall back.
the company was configure the system and now, i need to access the system files and check/add something but don’t know the password.

as my understanding it has a OPENSUSE and GNU GRUB version 0.97.

so, please help me to reset the password and then check/add IP address on that.](](](](


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There are some more problems with your thread.

To begin with, those pictures are very small and unreadable to me. Maybe post better ones on
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Then you may understand that we are very reluctant in helping people to break into a system that might not be theirs. When the owners of the system did not provide you with the root password, that probably means that they, the owners, do not want you to access the system with root provileges.


sorry to make wrong topic on wrong location.

regarding my problem:
for picture please see the below. i hope to make correct.

unfortunatelly, we have no access to to supplier and now, need to change somethings due to bad configuration.

I have no idea what you want to “check/add something”, but your / file system seems to be corrupt. I assume that is the first thing you might want to repair (if possible).

And this is openSUSE 11.3, which is out of support since January 2012!

Try starting the computer, when the grub exits click “e” at the bottom of the Kernel row enter

init = / bin / bash

and run, you will find yourself in the root shell type


and put a new pass, then restart and see if it goes

To many spaces in your advice.

Actually, this system should has an IP address. But we could ping it and that’s why i want to check and add it.
I know the system was bought 7 years before but not commission till now.

Thanks, unfortunately this one not working on my linux version.

I do not understand. When you can ping it, it has an IP address.

You should of course first reinstall it with a current version of openSUSE (LEAP 15.1).
But your main problem is that the system is not running properly. Your screen schot tells that the root file system (/ on /dev/sda3) has problems and thus is mounted read-only.
I am not sure what it says, but it seems that the system did not run since 2013 (!).
Also the system seems to think that it is now 2010.
Thus first thing to do when you are loged in as root is

fsck /dev/sda3

As I posted above, the advice has typos.

But personaly I am not willing to give advice on how to crack a system. You still gave no information on why you do not know the root password. This is like you asking if we can help breaking in into a safe without any explanation why you do not have the key and nevertheless the right to open that safe.

Maybe you look on the internet about advice, because our forums is not the plcae to teach how to break security.

About ping:
I was a mistake. I couldn’t ping it.
This devices should has IP which it should done by Factory (Adventech or Rohill)
When i couldn’t ping it that means 1.file damaged or 2. There is a bad configure.

Why i have no the password:
Because a company ordered and bought system many years ago but didn’t commissioned it and left from project. My company want to commission the system and has this problem.

Search online using “reset linux password” or similar.

You may need to use a rescue system to boot from if OS repair is needed.

Thus there is no data of any importance on the system?

Then my advice is to forget what is on it and simply bring it into working order by installing a fresh openSUSE 15.1.

Even when you would be able to repair the file system and then to configure the network, all you will have is a far outdated system that can not be brought up-to-date because all repos have gone. It would be a big security problem also.

Also asking advice here (on to any other openSUSE users) will be problematic because they have moved with their systems and knowledge 7 years on.

I assume that the OP is aiming to keep the original vendor-supplied TETRA software environment installed. It would be useful if the OP could clarify further about this.

I’m sorry I did copy / paste without checking init=/bin/bash had no spaces, please try again by deleting the command spaces:shame:


The problem is solved by below link.

Thanks guys.

As was already mentioned. Anyway, good to read of your progress.