How to rename multiple files ?

Hello there,

I have a bunch files that are named in a certain way:

NAME (2017_09_17 20_45_25 UTC).EXTENSION

The content inside the “(…)” brackets always remains identical, only the NAME and the EXTENSION changes.
I want to get rid of (2017_09_17 20_45_25 UTC) entirely on all files.

How can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


Are all those files in one and the same directory? That makes using a command much easier.
And is there that blank space after NAME, or is that a typo by you?

Krename can do this. Even if the files are not in the same folder. It allows you to replace patterns, shows the result before actually renaming.

Thanks for the hint, Krename has worked like a charm. Recursively added all files and then did search & replace. Took 3 min.