How to reboot to specific snapshot and use it + change to read-write


I had to rescue my system by upgrading it from DVD. So now I have working system with older software. I also have working snapshots with newer versions of software.
I can boot into my last snapshot but it is read only and I cannot make any updates.

My questions are:
How to change snapshot from read-only into read-and-write?
How can I change boot order so I can boot into my previous version of system and not into my upgraded one from DVD?

Can anyone help?

man snapper or snapper --help should help.

I bet it helps. But only those who understand.
Unfortunately I’m not a programmer and I do not understand all those commands and switches and options. I do not want to damage my system more.

I have found something here
It says to do this:

btrfs property set -ts /path/to/snapshot ro false

But I don’t know where Opensuse snapshots are stored.

I just want to start my system from previous snapshot and continue from this place.

Just select the advanced option on the grub menu at boot, here you can boot from the snapshot you want, it will tell you here the command to ‘roll back’ to that snapshot after it’s booted read-only.

Thanks for your answer.
Selecting ‘advanced options’ did not tell anything.

But I have found solution. I booted into my desired and working snapshot and then did this command as a root

snapper rollback

It works now.