How to re-install suse on a dual boot system?

Grub, OpenSuse 11.2, WinXP pro, Gnome 2.28.0

Gnome is falling apart and I’ve had a lot of nagging problems that I couldn’t overcome. I’m thinking of wiping the OpenSuse partitions and doing a clean install without wiping the windows partition. I initially setup using the 11.0/XP dual boot FAQ in the How To forum.
I have my Home directory backed up on an external HD. Might try KDE next go-round or KDE & Gnome as separate users. I have 11.2 i586 installation DVD.

Device, Size, Type, FS Type, Mount Point
/dev/sda, 372.61 GB, TOSHIBA-M4058GS, ,
/dev/sda1, 250.00 GB, HPFS/NTFS, NTFS, /windows/C
/dev/sda2, 122.61 GB, Extended, ,
/dev/sda5, 2.01 GB, Linux swap, Swap, swap
/dev/sda6, 20.00 GB, Linux native, Ext4, /
/dev/sda7, 100.60 GB, Linux native, Ext4, /home

What’s the best way?

Simply reinstall without repartitioning. The installation YaST will quite likely propose something different and reject that and change the setup by specifying the partitions like they are now and select the partitions to be formatted again. That should be the safest way.

You need to take the custom partitioning route
Format / to ext4

Set mount point for /home (do not format)
swap will take care of itself

This is 11.2 but it shows custom route
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