how to rank mirrors for updates?


Running Leap 15.2. I been searching for an answer but I cant find one and yes I know that the default will choose the closet mirror for me, but I would still like to rank them. Can some one help me with:

  1. How can I rank the mirrors for updates
  2. Since right now my using the default, how can I tell which mirror I’m been redirected for updates?
  3. The mirror list does not list any https for updates, does one exist?

thank you

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You want to rank them, but in what aspect? Normaly I would want the one that has the fastest route to my system. That would be a combination of geographic (network wise) and performance (on the mirror itself). In practical life, I never bother ;). I get my updates fast enough.

BTW there is 15.1 (the most recent supported) and there is 15.2 (still in test and not releases yet). You started this thread with the prefix 15.1, but in the post you mention 15.2. A bit confusing.

Hi, welcome

1.You can’t rank the mirrors. Yet if you know a mirror works best for you, you can adjust the repo address so it will contact that mirror.
2. You f.e. see that by using wget to download a package URL from a repo. The output will show you the mirror URL
3, No, But since it is one way traffic, why would https be useful. I would not be surprised if it would slow down services.

Thanks for the quick answer! Yeah I want to rank them based on location and speed, no different that what you can do with mirrorank which I used to use with Manjaro. GitHub - marguerite/rankmirror: Rank mirrors by the real download speed for common Linux distributions. I did try to install mirrorrank but seems opensuse doesn’t have a build for it

I’m on 15.1, Ill fix my original message, thanks. Update does seem I can change original post

Well that’s the thing, I don’t know what mirror works best for me, that is why I want to rank them so I can make a decision. Okay ill use wget in a moment. I had changed all the repositories in YAST to https and yes I have to agree that it seemed slower, yesterday when I did a clean install with https I think it took maybe 20min+ to just download.

anyone else have an idea on how to speed rank the mirrors?

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AFAIK there is no speed ranking (unless you do this yourself), perhaps read up on the mirrorbrain setup (which has been in use from 2007) and it’s features…

It is still not clear to me what the practical idea behind this is. Or is it pure academic curiousity?

Most people have a slower connection to the internet then any mirror has. Thus it is the speed of the user that decides the overall speed.

Do you have unexplained slow access? When you explain where you are, maybe someone can give you advice on which one to use from experience. Experience not alone based on download speed, but also on service stability (almost never down).

I am afraid that for some reason you clinge to the idea that something like the tool you mentioned for another distro should have an equivalent here and that it has an important user base. In reality by now you should understand that it is not an item of interest for the openSUSE users here on the forums. By far the majority happily uses what mirror is asigned to them. Only questions one sees here on the forums are when a mirror has real problems (read: unsynced or down) and then the advice to either wait for a few hours or take another from the mirror list solves this.

Just curious and because of last night super slow updates, I found that one mirror in my country the download rate is double than all other mirrors regardless of time, this slow mirror is not my default, but maybe it was last night. The way I see it, is that options are good, so I wanted to know what are the top 3 mirrors regardless of where I live.
I was able to speed test all the mirrors from my country and from another one by using wget and downloading a 10M and 20M file, might not be perfect but results were consistent for download time. I would like to change my mirror, I’m wondering if the change should be done through YAST under the software repositories menu or through command line.

Perhaps a read here may clarify a few things…


Mirror ranking is not the right question. If you want faster updates, zypper is not yet the tool for you. Find this recent discussion in the mirror mailing list which states part of the problem, from the mirror maintainer perspective:

Also, you should consider latency as well, when there’s a thousand packages downloaded in a serial fashion.
If a 2x speedup from a better mirror would make you happier, what about a 5x speedup? Check out the link @malcolmlewis posted above :wink:

On the https mirrors, the only way to find out is going to, get the HTTP mirror URIs and try with an HTTPS protocol and see which one works… can be automated, but HTTPS itself doesn’t provide much additional value (except for hiding the actual package you’re downloading), since packages are signed. So I’d say don’t bother.

Also, the OP is running LEAP. And while much of the discussions pointed to are about the many packages a Tumbleweed system downloads on a zypper dup. this is definitely no issue on Leap. When I have about twenty packages in my once a week update it is already much. Only a kernel uopdate my take a bit more time, but not enough to walk off and take a drink.

Thanks for the link, very informative as I was starting to think the same yesterday, its good to know that progress is ongoing.

Guys, can you please tell me how to change mirrors manually? Is it done in YaST for can I do it in zypper, I just want to make sure Im doing correctly or better said the opensuse way

Either YaST Software Repositories, or update the corresponding *.repo at /etc/zypp/repos.d/

Probably quicker to use YaST, but I would suggest a high priority one, if you pick one that doesn’t sync often you may miss a piece of the puzzle if it’s not fully synced after updates are pushed out.

and I should I just change the url for all the ones enabled? or every single entry on the list

Only the official repos have mirrors, third-party repos don’t. So you’ll want to change the official ones, those which by default start with

What do you mean by Third Party repositories? Some mirrors hold OBS Home repositories, just have to look at the mirrolist (details link).

For Packman: PackMan :: Mirrors

I was thinking about the ones not hosted at *.o.o, I didn’t recall (or know) that packman has mirrors. Thanks for the correction. I still have two other repos that don’t have mirrors.