How to move Docker images location

I’m willing to move the image location for Docker, from its original place in “/var/lib/docker/” to another partition, I was thinking “/home/docker-data/”.

How can I do that? I found some guides, but I don’t know if these are relevant to openSUSE or up to date with the latest Docker versions.

I’ve read that I should also set a Storage Driver, how?

I would guess that you can do it with a symbolic link.

Should be in the MAN pages, and configurable in a Docker config file
(Not looking for it now).

If you can’t find the setting there, post again and I’ll find it.


Like this:

**dell-koen:/home/koen #** cat /etc/sysconfig/docker      

## Path           : System/Management
## Description    : Extra cli switches for docker daemon
## Type           : string
## Default        : ""
## ServiceRestart : docker
DOCKER_OPTS="-s devicemapper -g /home/koen/docker-data"