How to mount LTFS tape? (LTO-6 drive)


My new Dell PowerVault LTO-6 has just arrived and I have successfully connected it with the SAS controller.

Searching the web I found this. However in openSUSE I can’t find any command/tool for managing LTFS. I searched for ‘ltfs’ in the package manager of YaST but no results whatsoever.

What should I do to use LTFS?

Build it yourself?

Google returns quite some hits for “ltfs linux download”? E.g. Quantum offers both source code and precompiled binaries. Oracle also offers LTFS implementation. To name few.

Thanks for the info.

I wasn’t aware it is something one has to build or install from external source. I was hoping that as other open file systems it is included in the distro in some way.

There is only one way - it needs to be packaged it and submitted for inclusion. You have great chance to contribute by doing it.

So which one is for me?

I have no idea how to do that.