How to mount a zfs volume

Hi, i hope this is the right place to post this, sorry if not.
I have a PC with TrueNAS installed which lately had an unplanned shutdown because of a sudden power failure. After reboot, the boot device (a mini usb drive with zfs) was not working anymore (no boot partition found).
I do not want to give up right away (especially because the drive were actually two drives in mirrored states) and at least wanted to take a look at the drives first. But trying to mount the drives on my Tumbleweed system failed with the error:
“zfs_member not configured in kernel”.

I googled a bit but found no definitive answers. Is zfs supported on linux or not? And is there a way to mount the devices on my linux system, if yes how?

I did that, installed zfs from the added repository but before reboot i also did a zypper dup because there were additional updates i wanted to install. This included a new kernel (6.3.1-2) this caused the usual kernel rebuild (i do not now if that is the correct term) during which i got zfs related errors: module not found or loaded

Nevertheless after a reboot the new kernel was the default in grub but trying to boot from it resulted in a pretty strange error, with some cryptic messages… so i just booted from an earlier btrfs snapshot (right before the zfs repository was added) and rolled back. To be sure i then installed the updates from before, got the new kernel and everything was fine. But now I am a bit scared to try the zfs stuff again… i do not want to end where i was before

It does not build against Tumbleweed Kernel 6.3, see:

And the build log file indicates the problem clearly:

[  137s] checking whether inode_owner_or_capable() takes user_ns... configure: error: 
[  137s] 	*** None of the expected "capability" interfaces were detected.
[  137s] 	*** This may be because your kernel version is newer than what is
[  137s] 	*** supported, or you are using a patched custom kernel with
[  137s] 	*** incompatible modifications.
[  137s] 	***
[  137s] 	*** ZFS Version: zfs-2.1.11-1
[  137s] 	*** Compatible Kernels: 3.10 - 6.2

So OpenZFS has no support yet for a 6.3 kernel.