How to login terminal mode

I have a new graphic card rtx3050 i replaced
1050 ti nvidia card and now i got a black screen when restarting how can i boot in terminal mode nomodeset did not work.
I am using leap 15 3 with kde

Hit “e” as soon as grub menu appears, type <space>3 at end of linux or efilinux line then F10.

Thanks i solved the problem by installing nvidia G06

Sorry i installed the G06 driver and it seems to work only i cannot change the resolution.
I gues G06 is not working with thd RTX card
Maybe the original nvidia driver will do the trick.

You need the 510.x and upwards nvidia driver for this card. But you didn’t tell how you tried to switch resolution. Via nvidiasettings? Via Xorg? Via xrandr? Via your (unknown) desktop environment? …

Yes i solved the problem with the original nvidia driver.I immedialy got my resokution and double screen settings back
Thank god.