How can I run dns internal network .


Set up a DNS server or two, create one or more local zones, optionally point to forwarders for all other queries, then point your clients to your DNS servers.

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Maybe if you told us what you were trying to do, we could give you more focused advice.

My server dns is already working


server:~ # host Google
Google is an alias for Google.
Google has address
Google has address
Google has address
server:~ #

I want dns acquainted all ip addresses on my network .

host just queries whatever server is set in /etc/resolv.conf. They may not be your servers.

mr. ken_yap i installed dns server from yast and i Configured DNS and DHCP from this site

Configuring DNS and DHCP on Suse Linux Enterprise Server

I want to inquired about the network’s hosts

I mean when I write in shell


host ( name or ip for pc on network ) Give me the answer

Yast -> Network Services -> DNS Server -> DNS Zones -> Add

There you go. Lookup “DNS inaddr zone files” on google for how to setup the zone for your internal network