how to know my netbios name in 11.1?


i’m new in opensuse and i now experimenting 11.1 version. I have read a post about sharing file and i follow the suggestion there that tell to refer at Swerdna au - Home: Welcome to SwerdnaNet. I have follow the instruction there on “Samba and Suse: HowTo Set up a Suse/openSUSE-Windows Home Office LAN/Network”. The instruction ask to add netBIOS name on /etc/samba/smb.conf file. My problems now is confusing on what is netbios name. I have search for netBios on wikipedia but they not give me a good explanation. I hope somebody can tell me simply and clearly what is netbios and where to get my netbios name in my opensuse11.1 machine.


Just use any name you want. If you don’t put that entry in the smb.conf, it will use your hostname as the netBIOS name.

TQ very much syampillai,
I was try to put my IP address before, but I still can’t see my share files. For your information, I try to share file with a machine with windows XP. What should I do?


Generally, IP address will be sufficient to get started. First things first, what have you done so far? Can you ping between machines?

If you are physically connected then you have to configure samba server to share files with windows pc.

Yes, I can Ping between machines. What should I do then?

If I don’t configure samba server, is that mean i can’t see the share files on the other machines(windows PC)? but from the Tutorial i read, it says that we can see the files, but cannot make any changes to the files before we configure the samba server.

To see files on another machine you at least need a Samba client on your linux box. Samba seems not to draw a strong distinction between client and server, at least not in how it presents itself to the enduser. So install and configure the server.

As for the tutorial, perhaps if you posted the link, it would throw some light on what is being said there?

Here is the link of the tutorial,Samba and Suse: HowTo Set up an openSUSE-Windows Home Office LAN/Network. Versions 10, 11. Can u explain more about “samba client on linux box”?


That tutorial is probably the best place to start. How far have you gone?

As for samba client, you wrote “from the Tutorial i read, it says that we can see the files, but cannot make any changes to the files before we configure the samba server.”, it appeared as though you were trying just to do a client - but the client and server are interlinked, so I was suggesting you do the full server configuration.

Is that mean i can’t transfer files over my LAN network before i completely do the server configuration? So, where can i get the complete instructions on doing the full server configuration? Can i found them in the same link above?


Effectively, yes. Same link. You can use YaST to configure, or you can install swat and use that, but it is a little tricky to get it working

TQ very much NigmaToolin and all. I appreciate on your reply. I will proceed with the next step.