How to install XP after Suse 10

I currently have suse 10 installed on this extra latop I have. Its spec are pretty low and i decided I am going to convert it back to XP…even tho I hate windows… This is where my problem lies… Im very new to linux so Im not sure how to remove Suse 10 and add Windows XP. A full tutorial would be great because I need this done by tomorrow and Like I said im a Linux Noob.

Basically is there a way for me to install XP ontop of suse 10 and then remove suse? Or is there an easier way to convert this laptop to XP… and can anybody tell me how to do it exactly…

just put your xp disc in and it will see your linux partitions delete all of them and then let xp format the hole drive

so you mean… put the disk in, and delete the files like i386? then what do i do because i would like to install XP… it is not installed right now… im just asking a lot of stuff because i would rather not mess anything up

wait no… thats not what you meant…

basically Iv tried running from the CD and then it flashes “detecting computer hardware…” and then it goes away and nothing happens…

please go here to post instead… it is more organized and detailed.

Problems with Installing XP from CD - openSUSE Forums

You simply boot from the XP CD, delete all existing partitions in the
early part of the XP install, and then do the normal install as you
would on any PC. Nothing to do with Linux.

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hmmmm…it has been several years, but the last time a friend tried to
put XP™ on a used box’s hard drive which had been formatted block one
to block last by a Linux (when the machine was owned by me)…well, the
XP™ install routine told me that there was something wrong with the
hard disk and refused to install…

i KNEW the drive was fine, and used Knoppix or a linux install disk
(don’t recall) to reformat the entire disk to one bootable fat32
partition and suddenly the XP™ install routine stopped complaining…

at the time i thought it was just another example of Mr. Bill’s Empire
flogging their users for trying out competing software…

[that is, if you take a running Windows™ machine and plop in a Linux
install DVD, most distros will see the Windows™ and offer to build
you a dual boot setup…but, take a machine that is Linux only, and
plop in a just purchased off the shelf XP™ install DVD and it will
BARF!! …the VERY idea of dealing with Linux is just not to be
done…i have not, and don’t hope to try it with Vista™…]

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That is the equivalent of taking a solid GOLD ROLEX, encrusted in Diamonds, to have it BRONZED!

I would try something along the lines of Iti-biti Linux or something like that???