How to install Xen during installation?

When installing OpenSUSE, I want to install Xen hypervisor, but I just see KVM. Why?


It is not on the DVD. So you would need to check the box for using online repos during the install.

Why it is not on the DVD but KVM is?
Suse stopped supporting it or…?

Who is this Suse you speak of? There is SUSE and openSUSE, as for Xen, likely more use cases for the likes of KVM, Xen drew the short straw…

You can always fill in the survey

The recommendation is that Xen and KVM should not be installed during initial installation…
You may see a KVM pattern, but it’s still not recommended during initial installation.

The recommended procedure is to run the YaST virtualization install module which sets you up properly including offering to create a br0 networking object (Highy recommended to accept the offer whether you intend to use it or not).

If you want to automate the install, you can do so likely by running a post-install script…
I generally create and maintain such scripts to standardize the machines I manage… doing things like ensure an update is performed in case it’s needed, and install various apps like mlocate or compilers if I know those will be needed.

Anyone can install Xen or KVM without using the YaST Virtualization Install module, but they should be confident in their advanced understanding of their technology to avoid pitfalls in getting set up initially.


I agree with this.

I once made the mistake of doing it the other way. It is easier and with less chance of error if you allow Yast to set it up.

Then, will remove it?

As in removed from the DVD, still available from the online repositories. You should be able to select at the final YaST summary page in the software selection?

Just because it is on the DVD does not mean it is installed by default. And DVDs have finite space so choices have to be made what is put on them.