How to install VirtualBox on tumbleweed

I want to install virtualbox on tumbelweed.

i tried following the steps from Linux_Downloads – Oracle VM VirtualBox for “rpm based distributions”

but the link is dead. also tried to download the package for leap and install it but apparently, there’s a dependency missing.

nothing provides ‘’ needed by the to be installed VirtualBox-7.0-7.0.10_158379_openSUSE153-1.x86_64

[ ] do not install VirtualBox-7.0-7.0.10_158379_openSUSE153-1.x86_64

[x] break VirtualBox-7.0-7.0.10_158379_openSUSE153-1.x86_64 by ignoring some of its dependencies

What do i do?

Doesn’t zypper work?

zypper in virtualbox-qt virtualbox virtualbox-kmp-default

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It is always surprising why ppl believe that they need to search internet first and download some external stuff instead of using built in mechanisms. openSUSE has Virtualbox packages in the standard repositories. Either install them via terminal as suggested by aggplanta or use YAsT software (open application menu of your desktop environment and type „yast software“) to search and install packages. ONLY if you can‘t find a package in the official openSUSE repositories consider to use external ressources…

I didn’t mention this before but I did install virtualbox from yast software first and that also had some issue. Which is why I went to the virtualbox website.

I finally figured out though. while browsing through yast, I found the “install hypervisor and tools” and that did the trick for me

thanks for the reply though!

Yeah I figured it out. thanks for the reply!

The latest Kernels for Tumbleweed break the shared folders for all VirtualBox versions - The fix is in the pipeline.
As the Linux kernel release new versions - they are removing “unused and obsolete” code in addition to security fixes.
Oracle has yet to fix Drag and Drop in 7 - if you need it you have to use the obsolete but patched VirtualBox 6.1.42 from Oracles site - I have not seen the fix make it thru Oracle’s site as of today - they have the patch that we submitted to OpenSUSE that is in the pipeline.

Graphic cards and Virtualbox get broken when they do that and developers have to re-engineer that we need our code in the Kernel to do when the remove or add new required fields to the kernel.

It is not just OpenSUSE that has this problem but Fedora, Ubuntu and Debian all have this when the Kernel code gets changed.

We share what we figure out with the developers of the other flavors and with Oracle as they sometimes figure out what needs to be changed and sometimes we figure it out first (ok me - only once so far).

Just because we have a fix - it has to go thru OpenSUSE QA to get released - That appears to be first come first served so we wait until we get thru it and it appears in the repos for YAST and zypper to update.

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That’s interesting @larryr … I have no issues running VBox - up to date on TW … and I just used VBox last night to run my MicroOS Kalpa VM.

My drag n drop also works, both ways. Might be because I’m using version 7.xx Beta of Guest Additions.

@evirac A little tip. If you plan to run Windows inside your VM. Don’t go for Virtualbox, get kvm/qemu and virtmanager. The speed difference is like comparing a VW Beetle to a Lamborghini.

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thanks. I’ll give it a try